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Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 - to Full Version Torrent Free

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 - to Full Version Torrent Free

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - to Torrent detail
Euro Truck Simulator 2 -  to

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - to Travel across Europe as king of the road, a trucker who delivers important cargo across impressive distances! With dozens of cities to explore from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and many more, your endurance, skill and speed will all be pushed to their limits. If you’ve got what it takes to be part of an elite trucking force, get behind the wheel and prove it! Included DLCs: Australian Paint Jobs PackAustrian Paint Jobs PackBelgian Paint Jobs PackBeyond the Baltic SeaBrazilian Paint Jobs PackCabin AccessoriesCanadian Paint Jobs PackChinese Paint Jobs PackChristmas Paint Jobs PackCzech Paint Jobs PackDAF Tuning PackDanish Paint Jobs PackDragon Truck Design PackDutch Paint Jobs PackEstonian Paint Jobs PackFantasy Paint Jobs PackFinnish Paint Jobs PackFlip Paint DesignsForce of Nature Paint Jobs PackFrench Paint Jobs PackGerman Paint Jobs PackGoing East!Halloween Paint Jobs PackHeavy Cargo PackHigh Power Cargo PackHungarian Paint Jobs PackIce Cold Paint Jobs PackIrish Paint Jobs PackItaliaItalian Paint Jobs PackJapanese Paint Jobs PackKrone Trailer PackLatvian Paint Jobs PackLithuanian Paint Jobs PackMetallic Paint Jobs PackMichelin Fan PackMighty Griffin Tuning PackNational Window FlagsNorwegian Paint Jobs PackPC Gamer DLCPirate Paint Jobs PackPolish Paint Jobs PackPortuguese Paint Jobs PackPrehistoric Paint Jobs PackRaven Truck Design PackRocket League PromoRomanian Paint Jobs PackRussian Paint Jobs PackScandinaviaSchwarzmuller Trailer PackScottish Paint Jobs PackSlovak Paint Jobs PackSouth Korean Paint Jobs PackSpace Paint Jobs PackSpanish Paint Jobs PackSpecial TransportSwedish Paint Jobs PackSwiss Paint Jobs PackTurkish Paint Jobs PackUK Paint Jobs PackUSA Paint Jobs PackValentine's Paint Jobs PackViking LegendsVive la France!Wheel Tuning PackRepack Features Based on Euro.Truck.Simulator.2.Beyond.the.Baltic.Sea-CODEX ISO release: codex-euro.truck.simulator.2.beyond.the.baltic.sea.iso (5,781,487,616 bytes)100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installationNOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encodedGame patched to v1.33.2s, all released DLCs includedSignificantly smaller archive size (compressed from 5.4 to 2.6 GB)Installation takes: ~6 minutes on 8-threads CPU; ~12 minutes on 4-threads CPU; ~20 minutes on 2-threads CPUAfter-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properlyHDD space after installation: 6 GBLanguage can be changed in game settingsRepack uses XTool library by Razor12911At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for installing this repackRepack by FitGirlBackwards Compatibility This repack is NOT backwards compatible with any of my previous repacks of ETS2. Problems during installation? Read this repacks troubleshooting guide

Torrent name: Euro Truck Simulator 2 - to
Torrent hash info: 827b9b834f25c4dd6cd6ef15f9982634194482c0
File size: 50.17 MB
Seeds: 50
Leechs: 40
Categories: Games
Uploader: akibul
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